Transportation And Civil Engineering Program (TRAC)


425 W. Ottawa St.
Lansing, MI 48909

Contact Name
DeAnte Thompkins
Workforce Development Technician

Phone / Email
248-388-0164  |  248-483-5123


Program Description

Since 2004, MDOT has been offering the American Association of State Highway Transportation Officials (AASHTO) TRAC (Transportation and Civil Engineering) Program to schools in Michigan. TRAC is a hands-on education program designed for integration into science, math and social science classes. TRAC Competition Weighing the BridgeThe TRAC program engages high school and middle school students in solving real-world problems, such as designing bridges, building magnetic-levitation trains, or analyzing the environmental and economic effects of building a highway. This program is free to schools. MDOT will provide training to teachers and engineer volunteers. These volunteers will speak about their careers in transportation and work with the students using the modules in the classrooms. Each teacher can decide which module will fit into their curriculum.

Age Group
High School Ages, 16 to 18, 18 and Above